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5 top secrets of Introvert Killer Network formula that give results without flashing in public.

I am writing this for those people who feel shy about flashing in public and beating their own drums.

Let me tell you, beating your drum is the easiest and most effective strategy for many who could believe and adopt this to expand their network. But it does not mean introverts cannot socialize and make their presence felt.

If you hear me out, I can assure you will find an alternative means to network.

Let me share a quick story that has triggered my thought of sharing these secrets with you.

A few weeks back, I got a desperate message from one of my followers to have a one-on-one conversation. The purpose was to find ways to connect with more people being an introvert!

He was anyway fascinated by the way I communicate on Social Media Platforms and found I offer help to Career Seekers.

I was a little hesitant initially but decided to spare some time and agreed to have a quick chat over the weekend.

From what I could decipher from my interaction, I am sure many of you possess a similar mindset but seldom come out openly about what this guy did.

He shared that there was a time when he avoided being on social media on the pretext of not liking such socializing but in the corner of his heart,

he knew being “Un-socialwould distance him from the public circle.

He was basking in this notion that being alone is better than being in the company of critics till one day; his close friend bagged a job from LinkedIn that he could not.

Perhaps it has helped turn his well-kept notion about social media, and he started pondering how he can leverage it without showing up there.

The good part is that he could identify his fear and be willing to kill it.

I have also discovered during my conservation his passion for writing and devouring books.

That was a critical lead for us to design a plan. Social media can get you three top golden opportunities.

(1) Effective networking channels through the direct messaging ability in almost all platforms

(2) Establish your authority on what you do the best.

(3) Build your audience who may come in handy when you need them.

I have been talking about networking for introverts and sharing my solutions.

The first obsession you must overcome is what people think about you. They are so bogged down with their own plight hardly people find time to criticize others. This is the shroud we create around us & enjoy a secluded life.

When I took up my second career as a Career Impact Coach and started socializing on various social media platforms, such inhibitions also haunted me. I must confess.

Many of us are introverts and feel shy talking about ourselves publicly.

Here comes my secret strategy,

1. Let’s not share your expert views straight with people but try sharing short stories about your life journey on social media. As you write, you will gradually become proficient in building exciting stories and engaging more minds. Stories compel reading.

One caution is never to be hungry for views and likes.

Just do your job of sharing three stories in a week. You will find more people connecting with you and following you. This will be easier, and no one will make adverse comments.

2. The second action an introvert can take is subscribing to groups on social media.

I found this is a more effective method of socializing without catching attention. Let me tell you; these groups solved many of my purposes. You will find people with similar interests to interact with and find the resolve to many problems that you may be facing.

I am part of many Jobseekers, Start-up Founders, and intellectual groups to learn advanced techniques on social media or design tools that enhance my ability to perform my tasks better.

Some groups publish various jobs, and you will be able to message the recruiter if you are part of these groups.

I do not advocate broadcasting generic messages showing your desperation in hunting for jobs. Instead, such methods of approaching the right recruiter at the right time through these groups could be an effective way to find your dream job.

3. The third action is doing an incognito search before sending a connection request.

One can search on LinkedIn without letting the person know you have searched the profile. Most introverts feel awkward searching for someone’s profile as the person can view search results on LinkedIn. This is the best way to find the right audience without revealing your identity.

If you are keen to know more about this strategy, please read it here 👉

4. The fourth thing one can do is create a well-thought-out invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

See, ultimately, these connections help, and there is no other idea to build connections gradually without invites if you have reservations about engaging in social media publicly with posts and comments.

If you prepare three types of messages for your contacts to convert them into your connections, this invitation technique works best.

These three messages are,

#1 Could be for your peer level in a similar industry. The connection objective is to exchange views and appreciate a promotion or new assignment, or a post that the person has shared. Nurturing these connections can build a worthy channel of referees for the future.

#2 Could be for the people at the Head, CEO, or CXO level. They will always appreciate your talent; therefore, sharing your expertise and achievement will interest them to connect with you,

#3 Could be for the recruiters. I found recruiters are very specialized and serve only specific industries. One may track them through vacancies they upload or get a reference from your colleagues or friends.

One should never ever ask for a job in the invite.

You may appreciate their effort in finding opportunities when jobs are scarce or tell them to share some fascinating insight about your industry.

Remember, Placement consultants are always hungry for the contacts of good talents; if you promise to help them, most likely, they will start interacting with you. If you do not intend to announce publicly that you are looking for jobs, this method will help you connect one-on-one with specialized headhunters in your industry.

5. The fifth thing is attending training and sharing the certificates.

This you can do at your ease without letting anyone know what you are studying. LinkedIn allows free courses. Once you finish any course, LinkedIn shares completion certificates.

There are two broad advantages.

(1) You can add this as a credential in your profile; this certainly adds value and weight to your profile, and

(2) Your connects will get notified that you have completed a course; this may interest them and those who are keen and seek your advice to do similar programs.

All these techniques that I have shared can be done on LinkedIn, FB, or in Quora.

Being in seclusion will never let you grow; one should stretch the limits to be more socially active if this is your known challenge. Some people may console by saying that being an introvert is human nature, and they are okay with it.

But in the career growth journey beating your drum is essential.

How will others know your worth unless you talk about them,

I have shared Five Strategies of Introvert Networking here; if you are keen to learn more, please share “More” in the chat. I will connect and share more tips for FREE.

Oh! Do not forget to visit my website

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