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  • Rahul Guha

5 top secrets of Introvert Killer Network formula that give results without flashing in public.

I am writing this for those people who feel shy about flashing in public and beating their own drums.

Let me tell you, beating your drum is the easiest and most effective strategy for many who could believe and adopt this to expand their network. But it does not mean introverts cannot socialize and make their presence felt.

If you hear me out, I can assure you will find an alternative means to network.

Let me share a quick story that has triggered my thought of sharing these secrets with you.

A few weeks back, I got a desperate message from one of my followers to have a one-on-one conversation. The purpose was to find ways to connect with more people being an introvert!

He was anyway fascinated by the way I communicate on Social Media Platforms and found I offer help to Career Seekers.

I was a little hesitant initially but decided to spare some time and agreed to have a quick chat over the weekend.

From what I could decipher from my interaction, I am sure many of you possess a similar mindset but seldom come out openly about what this guy did.

He shared that there was a time when he avoided being on social media on the pretext of not liking such socializing but in the corner of his heart,

he knew being “Un-socialwould distance him from the public circle.

He was basking in this notion that being alone is better than being in the company of critics till one day; his close friend bagged a job from LinkedIn that he could not.

Perhaps it has helped turn his well-kept notion about social media, and he started pondering how he can leverage it without showing up there.

The good part is that he could identify his fear and be willing to kill it.

I have also discovered during my conservation his passion for writing and devouring books.