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  • How to become a member of WinCareer Community?
    Visit the and click on Community Tab on the top. Enrol in the community with your credentials. This is an one time activity to get inside the community. Remember the ID and Password to login again. Joining the community is presently FREE.
  • Membership tenure?
    Membership is perpetual or till we start charging membership fees. We will share prior notice if this community becomes a paid one.
  • What are the benefits of the membership?
    Network with members, there are many who are Hiring Decision Makers or Leaders in the industry. Get access to Webinars, Free Courses, Discount coupons and Offers. Take advantage of Vacancy Notifications in JOBS, these are curated jobs where getting in touch with Hiring Managers are easy. Ask question or book a free discovery call with Coach Rahul Guha. You can chat with coach Rahul Guha anytime in the community
  • Is this community appropriate for me?
    WinCareer is for any professional in or out of employment irrespective of functional expertise or level. This is a community of aspiring careerists who are serious about being difference than others and determined to prosper in career & life.
  • How does community work?
    Community works like another social media platform where you can chat, post or comment. The key purpose of having the community is Network & Learn. Members can interact with their own contents and network with other members over direct messages.
  • How do I buy courses in the Community?
    You can also buy specific courses from WinCareer Community. Visit "Courses" tab. Once you either pay or access a free programme, you will get the LMS access instantly. All courses are not available at Community page, to get a full view of the store please access and view course at the website.
  • Does Live Webinars are free ?
    Not all webinars are free! Once you show interest by clicking the joining button you will be notified. You may access webinar recording with a small free!
  • How do I club Live Sessions with Course?
    Course that are available at Community includes Live Session1 However in all courses you will be able to join monthly Hackathons (Mega Webinars) free of charges, once you purchase a course. You will be notified automatically about all Live Events & classes.
  • Can I experience Courses before buying it?
    Be my guest at Win Career community! You may download a mini course FREE before purchasing the full version!
  • How do I get updates on discounts & offers?
    When you register yourself for News & Updates, you will automatically receive notifications via mail. We also put posts & feeds in community page about offers & discounts. Click on the form to share your details. We will map you in our email list for future updates.
  • Who can take the courses?
    The courses are open to anyone who aspire to jumpstart their career in jobs. All courses have been specifically designed to help you learn specific career skills apps & tools that takes you to the next level. Visit Courses section for more details.
  • How to reset the password after I access my course?
    Click on Login. Click on Forgot Password. Enter the correct email ID used to sign up on the website the first time. Open your email Inbox (The email could also be in the promotions folder in gmail) Click on the link given in the email. Create a new password and log in. In case you are not able to find out your correct Email ID, please raise the issue over whatsapp or Email at
  • How to enroll and start learning a course?
    visit Open a course page that you wish to enrol in Click on Enrol Now or Buy Now button Enter Name, Email ID, Mobile No Click on Pay Now Select a payment method: UPI, Wallet, Netbanking, Cards or any other from the list. Complete the payment. The course will start playing automatically after payment completion. You will also get a email notification with the link & instruction to start the course. In case you still face issues, please read payment FAQ or reach us via Whatsapp or email at
  • I have already paid and enrolled in the course but can’t see the content?
    Are you sure you are logged in to the site with the correct email ID? If the correct email ID and password are used and you have a stable internet connection, the course content will play automatically. However, if you can't access the course, check the below listed: Is the email ID the same as what you had entered during course purchase? Check your email that you must have received just after you have purchased the course. If not, it could mean that you entered an incorrect email ID and made the purchase. Do you have a stable internet connection? Try opening another site such as Wikipedia etc. Is the page loading instantly or taking time? Delay in opening the page could also mean slow internet. In case you have used the wrong email ID to make the purchase, please reach out to us with the proof of the payment and we will help you sort this. In case you still face issues, please reach out to us over Whatsapp or email
  • How to access a course?
    visit Go to Course tab Click on Login Enter ID & Password Select the course you wish to watch Click on continue Start watching the course
  • Can I access course from mobile as well?
    Yes, the course can be conveniently accessed through a mobile phone. You need to download "My School" app and register with Curate Scope portal Once you register you will be able to access the course in the App easily The Course App works on any smart phone.
  • Can I access the course from multiple devices?
    Yes, the course can be accessed on multiple devices not at the same time. One can log in on mobile, PC, Tablets, Laptop and watch the course. However, only one device will display the content at a time. This feature is enabled for security reasons & to prevent piracy.
  • How many times can I watch the course and its videos?
    An unlimited number of times. Watch them again and again as many times as you wish.
  • When does the course start?
    The course starts immediately. Simply sign up on the course, complete the payment and the course starts immediately.
  • How to make payment for the course?
    Visit the website - Click on the top tab "Courses" Open the course page which you wish to purchase Click on the button 'Enrol Now' or "Buy Now" On the next page, type in your personal details sought with a form Complete the payment by proceeding with online payment. Just like on any online shopping site. It is an online course. And then once the payment is completed, the course will play automatically. You will get notification on your email
  • The Payment is debited but I am not able to view the course?
    In the general case, If the payment is successful the course gets assigned at the same time. Sometimes, because of technical lags at the bank's end, or due to intermittent internet speed, the payment can be unsuccessful. That is the reason you are not able to view the course. Kindly check once if the amount is debited from your account. If yes, please wait as in some cases it can take 2-3 days to reflect in our account. Or else it would be credited back to your account. In case you are still facing any issue, please feel free to reach out to us in WhatsApp or Email at
  • What are the different methods of payment we accept?
    Debit and Credit Cards - Visa, Mastercard, Rupay and more UPI/ QR Netbanking Digital Wallets Any of the above-listed options can be used. Customers can also use Razorpay to make the payments should they choose. Please note that we don't accept CASH, bank transfer via Cash Deposit or sell gift coupons. Please beware of any individual or organization claiming to be our partner or representative selling our course directly to you.
  • What if I am unhappy with the course content?
    The course content has been carefully curated by coach. As such, the courses has helped many to become better in job hunting & growing their career. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us for a refund within the next 48 hours of course purchase and we will be happy to refund. Read refund policy at the bottom of the webpage While efforts will be made to consider situations and case at hand, however, the refund cannot be issued as a matter of right. The academy may choose to not refund any amount in case: The course content has been viewed more than 25% Assessment if any have been attempted already Instances of multiple logins seen Refund requests placed after 48 hours.
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