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Resume Remake

How frustrating is it to keep applying but not get interview calls?


Does your resume SMART enough to qualify for ATS?


A study says 85% of resumes get rejected because they fail to match the technical criteria.

Resumes remain the same for years knowing the fact that this works as the first interface with your prospect. Your first representation.  


We spend money to build health, renovate houses or refurbish our wardrobes. Right?  


Why do we not REMAKE our resumes where our future career is DEPENDENT?


The reason why most people FAIL in jobhunting as they do not realize that


  • Resume tells your background where Your STORIES SELL.
  • Your knowledge has nothing to do with ATS-BOT or the Algorithms of the job portals!
  • Showcasing SPECIALIZATION has the highest impact to beat your competitions!


It is always easier said than done!


In my career as an HR Head, I read through uncounted resumes in the hunt for talent. I was keen to meet someone whose resume could capture my attention and COMPEL me to read it through.


If you got the point, leave the job of recreating your resume in the expert hands.


You get the following when you buy this Resume Remake Service


  • A personalized 30 mins call to understand your story, purpose & background
  • First draft and amendments on the draft depending on plans
  • Two or more choices of the resume format depending on the plan
  • Your profile image transformation with the ultimate professional look
  • The high scoring headline that goes with your email & covers letters
  • A job guide handbook with secret hacks to succeed in the job market quickly


Please refer to the plans to find details of inclusions as higher plans have add-ons to ensure you succeed in your job-hunting journey!


I appreciate your intent and encourage the same, inviting you to my community


WinCareer FREE! Click here to join 👉

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