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  • Rahul Guha

#3 Eye-opening secrets to confront an off-track career or job

Q 12 I'm lost career-wise. How do I figure out the right career/job for me?

I found this one of the most popular questions on a lost career.

You are not alone.

I always thought I had designed my career well, but sadly it has been in someone else's hands except for the last ten years.

You might slow down or face multiple obstacles that are enough to overwhelm you. You lose visibility in your career journey. This is my realization: I could bounce back twice in my career after two failures in my entrepreneurial streak.

How do you take your next move when lost in an unknown terrain?

You start checking the Google map for direction, right?

Grab a map when you find no way out. Get a mentor or career coach.

Trust me, that is the best way to avoid trial and error or getting dragged into deeper trouble. At this point, you can not afford to take the wrong steps.

Let me share another perspective!

While a career is a journey, jobs are carriers.

You must have decided where to reach by the next ten years. What leadership or functional head role do you intend to hold? If you fail to reach there, you will start feeling FOMO. That again gets aggravated when you compare it with your peers.

Be honest with yourself, you might be getting late, but you have not lost sight of your career goal. Mainly the jobs (as vehicles) in the journey failed you.

Here, you need to gather the courage to

  • Restart; I call it Jumpstart your career