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  • Rahul Guha

#4 thought-provoking reasons why futuristic resumes will transform into LinkedIn Pages?

Humans find change very fascinating.

The impediments of our imagination make change more intriguing, mainly when it is beyond the periphery of your comfort zone.

If you have been using LinkedIn for a while, I am sure you must have noticed the ease of applying (Easy Apply) for jobs through your LinkedIn profile.

If you are delighted with the convenience of applying for the job, you must have noticed the unique feature of LinkedIn. Reaching out to the Recruiter or others in the same company is more effortless.

LinkedIn is gaining importance over plain Job Boards and becoming more potent for showcasing your talent & offer a place for a professional network. In India, LinkedIn has more than 82 million users, and it is one virtual platform for talent search.

Now imagine a world where the only way of applying for a job will be by LinkedIn. If that is even possible?

The question is, the idea of marketing your profile & showcase your talent that a resume hardly does, can LinkedIn replace resumes?

It is disappointing, but the answer is No!

In this blog, I aim to help you learn the art of profile building on LinkedIn and discover the potential this tool holds in gradually making file-based resumes obsolete.

You will also realize how much Value LinkedIn can add to your professional career and how to use this application in the best possible ways. Like everything else, there are two facets to using LinkedIn; you can either use it to propel your brand or use it as a mere social media platform like many others.

There's so much more to LinkedIn than you see on your profile. I have come across many people who still don't realize the potential it holds in remaking and redefining your compelling brand. Many people find professional networking difficult on LinkedIn; they would much rather spend time on social media such as Facebook or Instagram than doing productive networking on LinkedIn.