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  • Rahul Guha

#5 Crucial reflections of psychometric test that may change your mind!

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Did you ever had a feeling after the interview that you could answer fairly but it was not so impressive! We all get such feeling!

Hiring mistakes can create multiple adverse effects on business! In my professional career, I could remember one such incident where a senior management employee could not handle the team to deliver for sheer lack of leadership abilities while individual contributions were as expected!

This scenario was never anticipated during the rounds of interviews while hiring that employee! The company may suffer from loss of momentum, team demotivation even exits of key team players, or financial dent with one such hiring mistake of a key leader!

The slip-up, in this case, was the pre-hiring psychometric analysis of the candidate that was omitted! Mostly such tests are conducted prior to the interview, enabling the interviewer to prepare aptly with questions that ratify the test observations!

An impressive resume that qualifies the JD is not enough for a job seeker to succeed in interviews! Many people do not anticipate the interview questions & prepared to handle those! The interviewer frames those questions with suggestions mentioned in the psychometric tests!

95% of job seekers are either unaware or do not attach importance to this crucial factor

95% of job seekers are either unaware or do not attach importance to this crucial factor and keep searching the reasons for failing in the interview!

But, before you start thinking about cracking psychometric tests, let me explain what these tests are? Understanding the analysis of a psychometric test requires reading the report multiple times to find the science behind it!

The test comprises simple multiple-choice questions to tap various faculties of your mind, behavior, attitude, etc. Similar questions may appear multiple times to ensure that your responses are no different and you are not faking it! Modern-day psychometric tests are AI-enabled and intelligent enough to cull out exact strengths and shortcomings!

Simply put, such tests are meant to dissect the mental ability and competence of job seekers to suggest if the person is an ideal fit for the role. The key factors that the test deals with are detailed here!

Most people do not recognize or accept shortcomings in their personality!