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  • Rahul Guha

5 strategies to drive repurpose career to triumph

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Let me share a story of a gentleman named Devendra Purbiya, an engineering graduate from India’s premium college IIT Kharagpur who had a decent job with Samsung India. He had a passion for photography.

During one of his work trips to South Korea, he took some amazing photos that have created a stir in social media, he has started becoming popular on Facebook. Sometime later, he won the Kingfisher Calendar Contest that’s the time he decided to be a full-time photographer. That was the turning point for Devendra to switch his career from Engineering to Photography.

Devendra is now one of the most famous wedding photographers in the country, with a minimum asking price of INR 1 lakh for a project. This is just one story, there are plenty where repurposing was a choice that has flourished the second career.

Pandemic has a profound impact on businesses and lives. Many businesses could intelligently make up the sales & profits by aptly tweaking their offerings, reducing cost, adopting technology, etc. Many who were slow in realizing the change and got stuck in the circle of time, broke miserably. Since most of our livelihood depends on the business, needless to mention all these disruptions impacted employees severely.

The new age of digitization, Gig economy, work-from-home setup, etc are quite new for many of us. No one anticipated these to happen now. Time traversed faster amidst waves of Pandemic and these innovations in business became a reality soon to sustain and survive. AI and BOTs made life easy by eliminating many unimportant tasks in the operating process but posed a challenge before many traditional roles that did not evolve with time. Most of those roles were opted out.

The question is what a prudent employee will do besides hoping for the best to come. Do you have a plan B? Expecting all of you understood the meaning of Plan B, here I am talking about career. How relevant it is to be in a long-term role with an employer or be financially independent by monetizing your passion, abilities, and competence?

Like businesses that have visioned a new way to survive and succeed, we too, as employees ponder the idea of repurposing our career and flourish.

Let me clarify a bit, what exactly I mean by repurposing career. In simpler terms when your expertise is used for an alternative purpose that gets you enough earning to continue a second career is referred to here as repurposing. Many did the same, including me. I have turned into a Career impact Coach after drawing the curtain on my corporate career after working for more than two decades.

A plan “B” is imperative for 4 broad reasons,

(1) to secure your financial future

(2) reduce dependency on job

(3) no pressure on retirement, work as long as you prefer.

(4) able to nurture your passion. Mind shift from earning for living to start doing something that you like.

I have explained what a repurposed career means. Now, let me share 5 strategies to find success in your second career. The need for repurposing can emerge at any stage of life. Many people realize that they are misfit for the profession at an early stage of their career and switch to another. Here transition is much easier. The dilemma to restart a career comes overtly at mid and late-career stages. People with experience at their credit think twice before the switch. Several elements, mindset, liabilities & circumstances hold them back. My purpose is to energize your mind with this idea and make your career transition smoother with these 5 strategies, I am about to share.