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#5 top secret explanations for considering Mass Media for an individual's Career Development.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

In today’s times, keeping updated with the world and pondering upon various forms of MASS MEDIA has become a go-to thing for a lot of us, isn’t it?

A quick story time!

A few weeks back, when I was training a group of corporate fellows one of the members approached me to have a one to one conversation.

Following the conversation he asked me about the Social Media Portals which I use frequently.

Also, I came to know that he was following me on LinkedIn and Instagram for a very long time and he seemed very intrigued to know more about it.

He shared that there was a time when he used to avoid being on screen or specifically being on Social Media.

In the language of millennials, he preferred being Anti-social.

Eventually he happened to share one of the incidents of his life when his close friend suggested to him that he should try seeking a job from a Professional Social Media portal. Later, once when he was scrolling through the LinkedIn feed, he started getting job alerts as per his preference.

The most interesting fact is that he got the job he always desired for, from LinkedIn itself.

That one worthy incident in every other individual's life is getting his/her Dream Job and you know could earn enough to run your family. This made him realise the importance of Social Media.

Well, this is just one story that I have shared with you.

I have been in this field for several years now and trust me things have changed professionally, economically and psychologically.

I guess it is now time for us to actually understand what Mass Media means here.

Mass Media includes a variety of outlets to communicate with the large audience instantly.

Television, radio, magazines, billboards, books, newspapers, advertising are a few examples of Mass Media.

Through various means of Mass Media, major activities like surveillance, correlation-interpretation, socialization and entertainment can be served.

Scrolling down to the bottom of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or any other social media portals, you must have come across various social media marketing methods sometime.

After all, you are reading one right at this moment.

Any portal that makes use of the internet or digital technologies for helping people create a wide network of communications, conversations and connections through social networking is considered as Social Media.

Social Media as a social network includes creating and sharing of content using web applications or websites.

Adding to the social media portals mentioned above, few other eminent portals are WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, TikTok, Tumblr, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Flickr, Vimeo, Mix, Medium, Viber and WeChat.

In today’s time, social media is a go-to thing for every other individual. We spend a considerable amount of time on our social media feeds.

Talking about Social Media Marketing, many companies and brands create their own pages and profiles on social media platforms; mostly on Facebook and Instagram.

They create posters, videos, posts, reels, animated videos, humanised videos wherein they talk about their products and services.

Getting into the right career and sticking along with it for a longer run is our primary goal in most of our career, right?

Career Development includes the planning of how individuals move forward and manage their occupational status.

What's the most interesting part of this blog must be knowing how Mass Media, isn't it?

Fasten your seat belts reader because I am going to take you all off to those #5 secrets now!

#1 Social media holds the considerable value in building networks

In recent times, Social Media has the power of networking within what we call “Social Networks.”

Social media portals like LinkedIn, Twitter for a fact even Instagram have become places where one can build a lot of networks of followers, connections or whoever they want to be in contact with.

More the network, more the reach!

These connections and contacts can help an individual get a job or an internship, find a good career option, have a proper career plan, get well acquainted with an industry of their choice, and go for a change when needed, and also evaluate their occupations and professional life.

#2 Increase in the scope of interactions and relations

What is a better option than interacting and connecting to people of your professional background to keep updated with the trends?

Media has a tremendous scope of keeping people interactive by giving a narrative perspective to any decision-making process.

There are a number of people on social media with distinct skills, experience, knowledge, work ethics and personalities.

Finding the right connection and having conducive discussions and conversations over something can be a million dollar worth at times.

#3 Seeking preferable employment, opportunities and industries

And it’s a match!

A match of your degree with your placement,

a match of your desire with your accomplishment,

a match of your interest with your profession,

a match of your research with your suitable career.

The reason why I am playing matchmaking is to let you know that Social Media is the thing that can lead every other individual to their perfect Career (Development) Match.

Talking about the recent times of Mass Media, numerous websites and apps have come into deliberation of seeking and applying for instant jobs.

Specifically speaking, websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster,, Google for Jobs, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder have become great headways for Career Development, lately.

One fine day you go to LinkedIn, create a job alert according to your preference and boom you start getting job limits on a regular basis straight away.

Remember the incident I told you in the beginning?

Additionally, this is the place where you can utilise your previously built connections with the professional sphere of yours.

#4 Fostering an easy to-go digital appearance of resumes or CVs

When the whole world is getting into digitalisation and being techno-savvy, why should you be left on the same ordinary step?

Today, with all these rapidly developing technologies, we have options of portraying ourselves using social media portals.

Highlighting all your talent skills, abilities, experience, and a lot more in a classy yet appealing manner is what mass media offer to you.

Adapting the newness is the key to mastering the professional aura of the new age!

These can also boost your online presence and reputation by urging people to make that one click on your profile and get along knowing extraordinary stuff about you in a go.

#5 Getting into business by means of Mass Media

Marketing in simple terms can be defined as a method of promoting the selling and buying of products and services in the market.

The moment we hear Marketing, an instant thought of Advertising comes into our mind.

The ordinary Ads running all over the T.V. channels, radios or we get to see flyers and banners around the city advertising a product. Today, with the briskly changing world, marketing methods are changing as well.

Currently things are inclined towards Social Media Marketing methods that include endorsement of website building, gaining online presence through search markets. Social Media Marketing (SMM) means making use of social media platforms (portals) and websites to promote and encourage a product or service.

These days Social Media Marketing is one of the most prominent forms of marketing.

Everything and everyone is getting online, so what can be a better way to promote a product and service than online marketing?

I find a promising future of opportunities of career development through social media marketing and advertising which comes without a say.

Handling social media accounts, generating engagement, curating websites, nurturing online reputations of brands and companies has begun a wide concept leading to newer and advanced Career Development Planning.

In my opinion, the fast-paced and noticeable progress of Mass Media is very relevant for Career Development.

Endless opportunities, choices and decisions can be nourished in the scope of Media under apt guidance.

Speaking of guidance, I, at curate scope, have all these fascinating courses and services that will help to get elaborative assistance with your Career Development.

Visit my website and kickstart your professional matchmaking now!

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