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  • Rahul Guha

#5 top secret explanations for considering Mass Media for an individual's Career Development.

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

In today’s times, keeping updated with the world and pondering upon various forms of MASS MEDIA has become a go-to thing for a lot of us, isn’t it?

A quick story time!

A few weeks back, when I was training a group of corporate fellows one of the members approached me to have a one to one conversation.

Following the conversation he asked me about the Social Media Portals which I use frequently.

Also, I came to know that he was following me on LinkedIn and Instagram for a very long time and he seemed very intrigued to know more about it.

He shared that there was a time when he used to avoid being on screen or specifically being on Social Media.

In the language of millennials, he preferred being Anti-social.

Eventually he happened to share one of the incidents of his life when his close friend suggested to him that he should try seeking a job from a Professional Social Media portal. Later, once when he was scrolling through the LinkedIn feed, he started getting job alerts as per his preference.

The most interesting fact is that he got the job he always desired for, from LinkedIn itself.

That one worthy incident in every other individual's life is getting his/her Dream Job and you know could earn enough to run your family. This made him realise the importance of Social Media.

Well, this is just one story that I have shared with you.

I have been in this field for several years now and trust me things have changed professionally, economically and psychologically.

I guess it is now time for us to actually understand what Mass Media means here.