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  • Rahul Guha

5 Trust Winning Hacks for Video Interviews

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Companies that focus on resolving every customer problem generally treat employees well and tend to have employee-centric culture

I was once assigned to hunt talent for a critical regional role to manage a substantial part of our business. I sought out a few candidates and sent them across to the hiring manager for a video interview round to take a final call. I was optimistic about a candidate and almost sure that person would make it to the final. Sadly, he failed.

I was surprised to hear the reason. I got a straight answer from the interviewer, the candidate never looked him directly in the eyes! Simply put, looking away raises doubts that the person is not confident and might shroud facts. This incident brought home the fact that one may miss the opportunity to crack an interview only because their straying eyes failed to garner the trust of the interviewer.

An interviewer decides on whether to hire a candidate depending on how much trust that person can garner. Interviews are like watching a movie trailer, which are intended to intensify your craving to watch the entire movie.

The selection process goes through multiple validations before the best candidate is chosen. Sometimes the choice is not easy, especially when contenders put up a neck-to-neck fight. Here, trust plays a pivotal role. That is the deciding factor in the final decision. Years of research could not determine how trust is built. Many psychologists and NLP experts have conducted trials to map strategies to earn trust. The most recent book named ‘Trust Game’ somewhat deciphered the anatomy of trust.

They involved two sets of players. One set was given $10 each and asked to invest whatever they feel best to the other set of individuals, who played the role of businessmen. Here the promise of maximum return on capital and the ability of the businessman to raise confidence was the key. The borrower happened to convince the lender in an almost similar manner as how interviews take place. Imagine you are the businessman, and the interviewer is deciding whether to invest in you! The key is how you will ensure the interviewer is convinced of your ability to deliver on the job, to do justice to their investment in you.

I will share five strategic interventions that one needs to deal with consciously to build a level of trust. I have tried these with my community while practicing mock interviews and have seen the results. Here I will discuss everything from the perspective of virtual interview rounds.

1. Welcoming Facial Expression

Your first look, beheld for the initial 6 seconds, decides the impression you create on the interviewer. Many people maintain an emotionally neutral face or put up a fake smile. You must have met people who you connect instantaneously with a welcoming gesture. Keep your camera on at the start of the meeting and begin with a welcoming smile. Thank the interviewer for inviting you and finding you worthy of a discussion. Wearing your smile all through helps to instill familiarity.

2. Positive Eye Contact

You must have understood the importance of maintaining eye contact. There is an obvious video-conferencing faux pas – the tendency of looking down is natural and no amount of strategic laptop positioning can resolve this. We are prone to look at people on the screen rather than focus on the webcam, thereby missing that all-important opportunity to make eye contact! You may achieve this by fixing the camera at eye level by raising the base of the laptop. If you connect via phone, use a tripod. Practice looking at the lens and not at the screen, this will help you maintain the right eye contact.

You have one opportunity to strike a chord with the interviewer while being one of the many contenders that appear before them

3. Confident Hand Gestures