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  • Rahul Guha


There is a thin line to cross from being a Jobseeker to a Job Creator.

The entrepreneurial mindset is accepted as an inherent trait, but with time & research, it is proven to be a mindset that remains dormant in all of us!

It would be best if you aspired to wear the hat of a Job Creator and hone the essential skills & ability to transform your mindset before transiting to an entrepreneur.

When I bounced this idea to many candidates during my corporate journey as an HR Head that "will you be keen to start your business if given an opportunity!" Sadly, 98% said NO.

The typical psychology of humans is to stay at a distance from risk; even that may get you a windfall or make you a steady millionaire! You will prefer comfort within your known circuit rather than exploring new possibilities.

Let me share another perspective for those who prefer comforts. Like money devalues with inflation, cars get redundant after some years, or our body becomes frail as we age, we all lose time and move towards redundancy or a state of obsolescence with the flow of the traversing time. I hope you can relate!

The question is, what compensates for the time and still helps us stay relevant. Balancing time means a scalable decent growth achieved within a shorter span than expected, but it works as a force multiplier. Your adaptability & flexibility will prove how well you stay relevant.

Here I tried to share dimensions to alight you why you should nurture your latent mindset as an entrepreneur while on the job! To clarify, you may not be required to indulge in a startup, but you can quickly propel your career as an employee with a distinction.

Evaluate your position against these seven possibilities I have shared here to firm up your intent and judge your readiness to transform from a job seeker to a job creator if you are passionate about taking this route.

#1 Define your VALUE in the market: