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Diabetes sucks until you break these notions & start believing in yourself.

The intent behind this article is to inspire you & demystify common myths about type 2 diabetes!


Happiness & Health come in abundance to those who are determined to have them. 


Most people are complacent, tied to their comfort zone, and forge a castle of excuses for not working hard on adopting suiting habits for people with diabetes.  


Let me share a startling fact with you all. The research says only 4% of cancer patients religiously followed the remission plan, and the rest have given up, presuming the efforts are strenuous even in the face of death. That's familiar human psychology.


If this article inspires you, please consider yourself to be within that 4% and must trust that Diabetes remission is possible, provided you are disciplined. You can be free from diabetes forever.


No kidding, I am a living example. However, I am still on the journey of complete reversal, at a stage where I can manage my diabetes without insulin and medicines after suffering for over 25 years. It is possible. 


Here are my five secret steps that may help you get positive results in 90 days. I will couple these with common myths about diabetes to help you understand why these steps work best when you break these notions. I have experienced that it takes over a year to get complete control over your metabolic Health to lead a diabetic-free life.  


#1 Everything is Diet. Seriously, it took me about nine months to understand what to eat, when to eat, and, more interestingly, how to eat. One needs guidance from a diet coach to learn these tricks of the trade and assure you that you will learn faster if you are inquisitive. 


The myths people talk about 


"My sugar fluctuates, so I relish a tiny block of chocolate when it falls." Hypoglycemia is a common symptom of blood sugar falling, giving enough excuses for people with diabetes to indulge in eating sweets. I was no different; I jumped into a cake or chocolate bar when I realized my sugar was down. The first action is to

Abstain from eating sweets. In extreme conditions, I took dried dates but usually, this condition improves as you stop taking high-dose medicines or insulin.  


#2 Most crucial is discipline. Your timing of meals & water intake will control your sugar spikes. I used to ignore this initially, eating when I was hungry and found my fasting sugar became high.


You must fix your primary meal timings and stop munching between meals as you choose what to eat. The safest munch you can have is almonds & peanuts without any coating; other snacks may give you a spike. 


I could control my morning spikes by having dinner latest by 9:30 pm. If you ever overeat or breach, go for a brisk walk. Take advice from a diet coach to plan your diet; this will help your metabolic Health improve faster. 


#3 Exercise can do miracles. While managing my diet, I lost a considerable amount of weight and felt it was essential to maintain average weight, fitness, and energy. I followed a regime of walking 10K steps daily and home workouts with iron weights. 


I got inspiration from YouTube videos by Baba Ramdev, who has especially shared some yoga poses to improve pancreas health for people with diabetes; you can follow this. Three musts for you are walking, weight exercise & meditation are golden combinations to recover your Health. 


While discussing diets and exercise, let me share how technically this helps. I am not a medical practitioner but speaking with my personal experience and learning while reversing my diabetic condition.


Intermittent breaches of diet are most dangerous for people with diabetes. Breaches could be eating what is poison for you, like aerated drinks, sweets, or high carbs. These spoil your metabolic Health, and beta cells start malfunctioning. As your body produces lesser insulin, you also develop more resistance to insulin with the intake of medicines or induced insulin. 


This was a trap for me. I became insulin-dependent for about 15 years; as I am writing this article, I have not taken a single insulin dose for the last 11 months. I did not require it at all.


The pathology test shows my beta cells started producing almost three times more insulin-like a nondiabetic, and my insulin resistance went down by half. I need to battle more in the resistance element for a few more months. 


#4 Sleep does more healing than exercise. Another highly ignored factor. I was no different. While working full-time in leadership, I always planned to sleep longer on holidays and weekends. I was so busy like most workaholics are Sleep-Deprived. I track my sleep through my smartwatch. 


At least 7 hours (Sound) sleep is required every day to recharge your body. I found the result. My metabolic Health improved significantly with this sleep therapy. 

Sleep is generally tracked in Deep and REM these two parameters. Deep is self-explanatory, while REM is Rapid Eye movement, mostly connected with your dreams. 


Be religious, disciplined, and serious about your sleep timing and patterns; You will see the transformation yourself.


#5 The last eternal myth is that "a diabetic is always diabetes." That is not true; if diabetes is a condition, you can always manage it. What I spoke about is just basic management. People need to pay more attention to remaining FIT. As one ages, the condition of every organ deteriorates. This is a natural phenomenon. You can slow this process by following a healthy regime and exercising. Provided you put equal importance on your Health, like you do for earning money. 


The most crucial factor I wish to share here is sketching a Health Goal. I declared on social media last year that by 2023 Jan, I would reverse my diabetes. This is one way to be determined for your mission. You may write this goal on a goal card and read it daily. You need to know where to reach. This ensures that your effort turns into your passion; otherwise, it remains just a hobby. 


My medicines are almost gone, and I expect to break this myth that Diabetic is irreversible. I hope this read will inspire you to take the journey toward diabetic remission. 


If ever you need my help, drop me a message at any social media chat box; find me



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