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  • Rahul Guha

Did you ever fallen asleep in a meeting?

I was in the sixth year of my career and enjoying the new job that I had just changed after spending some years in the previous one. It was a sales-driven organization, and everyone in the leadership was passionate about sales.

Notably, the company has an extensive sales structure, and I am the one who used to break my head to hire the RIGHT SALES GUYs!

On one Monday afternoon post lunch, I was called by my boss urgently; I rushed to her room. To my utter surprise, she announced with all secrecy that the head of sales needed to go. For a moment, my mind had a flood of questions.

Oh, he was so important guy in the company, why he had to go!

What was the hurry?

What has happening to such a senior leader in the meeting?

Automation was missing in those years, and I was the guy who used to handle all exit formalities, so this news was essential to break to start the formalities soon.

My curiosity never stopped, and I had butterflies inside my stomach till I knew what had happened.

He fell asleep in the board meeting in the middle of a critical presentation of three years plan.

This was real.

Have you fallen asleep in an important meeting ever?

All of us did, especially during meetings just after lunch. Why do people fall asleep in a meeting?

How often did you fall asleep while watching a movie, watching a YouTube video, or listening to a concert? Rarely or never.

One thing that is common in all these cases is

the storytelling. We wait for the following

sequence to happen, and that keeps us alert &