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  • Rahul Guha

Here are seven handy hacks that can fetch jackpot in your job hunting

I have practiced these myself. I still get one job approach a month from the recruiters, while my candidate profile is passive, but in social media, I am hyperactive.

What I will share with you today works for every responsibility level. If you are a job seeker, you may spend a reasonable time scrolling down the job portals, and LinkedIn feeds.

If you are a fresher, register with Internshala or first Naukri.

Many get a premium account with job boards or LinkedIn, and the list of initiatives goes on while they hunt for a job.

It would help if you had a job under distinct circumstances, eventually coming off in your life.

You may feel stuck in your present Job, go under dire stress from family to relocate, start hating a 9-5 routine or become jobless. Whatever the circumstances, a lucky game of life may be waiting for you at any point in your career.

There's no doubt that many companies go slow in their hiring process or at least slower than you'd expect. Woefully, you can do little to hasten the process on the other end. Nevertheless, you can strive at some easy-to-follow steps to obliterate the time-consuming hiring process.

So are you ready to hop on these tips? Here I come with seven hacks that may hit the jackpot in your job-hunting efforts.

#1 Set Your Objective

Most people fail to answer this fundamental question "what is your career objective?". We do job searches for various reasons, but our objectives vary.

Before you hunt for a new job, pause to set your job-search objective and career purpose.

Try answering these questions- What is my next career goal?

Why am I looking for a job?

Which companies should I aim at?

You can also pen down a few key points, to be precise, a few bullet points, and always keep these in mind as you search for jobs.

A purpose will help you find targeted opportunities and help you decide amongst multiple offers. This way, you may avoid a rushed panic at times.

It was too suggestible to narrow your search focused on your objectives, keeping them at the top of your mind.

#2 Revamp Your Networking

Networking is a new-age currency. I am talking about a thriving network in social space.

As 75% of the jobs are hidden, your connections & followers are the best resources to help you reach those vacancies.

You need to keep two elements in mind: consistently invite relatable people to grow your network, and, secondly, engage, engage and engage.