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  • Rahul Guha

How to ignite the fire within you?

Igniting the fire within you!

Most of us are sensible enough to understand when we are in deep trouble.

This is an instinct, and no one needs a lesson to judge how much trouble are you in.

I am talking about situations in life & career. If you get stuck, you will undoubtedly sense it. Most of us BEAR it, and some CHALLANGE it.

The questions that pop up when you are stuck are:

Oh! I am not sure what do I do next.

I need to change this job, but getting a better option is tricky.

I promise if you read till the end, you will get better clarity on the depth of your trouble & start thinking about your Next Step!

Ok, the first thing that you need to know is if your problem is real!

Many of us overreact and widen our problems in our minds rather than put effort to overcome those.

Let me now share how you progress on the assessment of the problem in your job, career, or personal growth.

There are five broad steps one needs to follow:

The first step is to step back; remember, if you continuously be on the race and spend 12 hours of your day on the job to remain afloat or avoid redundancy, you will never be able to discover your next step.

I suggest you may take a break for a few days, go for a vacation, and avoid all distractions like unwanted calls or chatting or even notifications on your phone, browsing social media, etc.