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Make one more swing! Top five skills that can make your career leap!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

In today's quickly changing business climate, senior management leaders must manage the anguish of failure and the glory of achievement that characterize their career trajectories.

The key is acquiring and applying strategic skills that allow people to produce outstanding achievements and overcome challenging hurdles.

In this article, I introduce you to the five competencies that any aspiring or current business leader must possess to be successful. The managerial, people, attitudinal, and technological abilities that senior management executives need to develop or adopt to stay on the cutting edge and advance in their careers will be shared in this article, similar to how I started detailing strategic management.

According to one study, only 3% of leaders consciously adopt newer skills and mindsets that make them relevant for a job at the top.

Only these changes in skill or mindset stay if one plans and puts in the effort to get them. It's not easy, but consistent practice and corrective behavior definitely instill these elements into the character, and at some point, decisions, reactions, and behavior get shaped without conscious effort.

Visionary Thinking

A senior management leader must possess the ability to think strategically and envision the future of their organization. Simply thinking ahead as to how the industry will change, how technology will mold the product's functioning or the taste and interest of the target customer is shifting.

This involves analyzing market trends, identifying growth opportunities, and developing a clear vision that aligns with the company's goals. Leaders can anticipate industry disruptions and proactively steer their organizations toward success by cultivating visionary thinking.

One of the most crucial skills for senior management leaders is developing a strategic vision.

Pro Tips:

Start reading if you have grasped the requirements. I am disciplined about reading a book, blog, or article every week. You can start reading a book of interest by subscribing to Amazon Kindle or Scribd; this is a quick and easy method to start.

Critical Thinking

Senior management leaders must possess exceptional critical thinking skills to analyze complex problems and make informed decisions. While visioning is important for activating strategic thinking, critical thinking helps evaluate different perspectives, identify potential risks, and develop innovative solutions that drive growth.

Leaders who drive a function, project, or company encounter multiple complex situations where picking the right path or deciding the next step is crucial, as such decisions determine the fate of the business.

Pro Tips:

Define your values. I have practiced it. If you are clear on what values you believe in and always stay consistent, you will always be on track and make decisions that may hardly go wrong. At least you will never regret making any decision.

Continuous Learning and adaptability

If senior management executives are to remain relevant in a market environment that is continuously evolving, they must have a passion for knowledge and a commitment to lifelong Learning. By seeking out new opportunities for professional development through workshops, courses, industry conferences, or even simply a coffee meeting with peers, they can enhance their knowledge and stay on top of industry trends.

In a volatile market, senior management executives must be adaptable. They must be flexible, open to new technology, and committed to continuing to learn from both their successes and failures. They can become valuable assets for their companies by reacting quickly to market shifts.

In order to learn and embrace new ideas, whether it be a new working approach, an evolved product, or the adoption of technology, every leader must seek out opportunities and seize them.

Coming up with something that nobody else is doing can provide one with an advantage in the marketplace.

Pro Tips:

Keep experiencing new technology that makes you more efficient, and secondly, keep meeting people, be it on LinkedIn or personally. I do both in my business and have found tremendous results by discovering new tools, techniques, and ideas that are life-changing.

Technology Fluency:

In today's digital age, senior management leaders must be fluent in technology to stay relevant. They should understand emerging technologies and their implications for the industry. I am not saying that you should learn to use technology, but you must know where and how it can be used. When the time comes, you will have a ready solution. By leveraging technology strategically, leaders can drive innovation, streamline processes, and gain a competitive edge.

Tech learners are more agile, and by adopting new technologies, they get greater access to data in real time, interact with their customers, or market their offerings with ease.

Leveraging technology strategically to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge.

Pro Tips:

Either engage a millennial resource to keep searching and evaluating various technology tools or build a repository. Spare a day fortnightly to discuss and experiment with the ones that can create an 80:20 effect in your business. I do this every alternative Saturday and maintain my repository in a free tool called Try this.

While I spoke about the top five skills that every executive must master, there are some more that I could not cover. These are strategic communication skills, people skills, mentoring decision-making abilities, etc.

Ideally, one can start with these five and gradually master the rest.

There are no shortcuts to Learning, reading books, or being in the right circle of successful people. If you are still getting into it, adopt one good habit today. My purpose in writing this blog is to make you conscious of a critical angle: you may get a leadership opportunity with a dream salary, but you need to sustain yourself in that role by staying relevant.

Being adopted is not enough. You need to emerge as an able leader and mark your authority before those who look up to you.

If you need my advice, do not hesitate to reach out. Use the comment box, website chat, or WhatsApp me. The number is in my bio.

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