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NEWSLETTER For Careerists & Jobseekers


I took the pandemic as a nightmare, learned enough, and moved forward! What did 2022 and the coming years keep in store for career seekers?

#1 You have earned more personal time to invest in yourself! 34% of Indian companies prefer remote workplaces. You save time from commuting & unnecessary stay-backs at the office.

#2 Learning has become more affordable than ever. LinkedIn offers a free course as Edtech becomes handier for you.

#3 New career choices have emerged in innovative and futuristic products & services. Perhaps you may love to pick one. The marketing has gone digital; HR has embraced automation & drones are connecting difficult places with ease.

#4 People who have Shaked & Moved, aka lost jobs, but still survived, are the strongest ones who are building businesses. More so, people above 40 are more confident to give their second career a try.

#5 Acquiring new skills is the new NORM in the new NORMAL. We got these survival techniques; some learned an App, public speaking, video making, Presentation skills, and data analytics. Even Gen X & Y sometimes perform even better than millennials.

If you are still thinking, what next? Get your acts together to explore the bounty that 2022 offers; please introspect and ADOPT TODAY!

Three Sunshine Industries Worth Exploring

India will move to electric and alternative fuels to run vehicles by 2030; it is a mandate. The automobile Industry got a new lease on life and expects all significant brands will shift focus to either electric or alternative fuel vehicle manufacturing!

The workplace will never be the same again; we understand how to improve productivity under WFH, Remote, or Distributed workplaces! This will stay; Colliers and CBRE Matrix show only startups will acquire 23 Million SFT space, which gives a push to 1.3 times the requirements from 2019. Co-Working is bound to emerge as a viable traditional workplace alternative!

Companies with innovative & futuristic technologies will come up more than ever. Drone or UAVs, or Robotics will supplement where human fails to deliver. Companies already in research or implemented prototypes are the best to find a career option now.


Anybody can build a Personal Brand, and it is cliché to tag it with only celebrities. Before you are even convinced to take your first step toward the brand building, let me explain how it can make you a millionaire.

#1. You can only flourish, be happy & make money in what you do best; Personal brand helps you explore your turf!

#2 It builds opportunities for you, maybe a dream job, a fascinating project, or imparting knowledge that you love to do; when people experience your brand.

#3 Stay ahead of your Competition! This is a continuous process; if you stay back, soon you will be obsolete!

#4 You can meaningfully contribute & deliver to your career purpose. Leave your mark on your brand in your absence.

#5 Personal brand gets you freedom! Free from Financial, Health, Time & dumb Career burdens. You will never retire & earn till your last day!

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