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Seven areas where Robots fail to beat Humans

Intriguing seven areas where robots will struggle eternally to match human Intelligence.

I tried writing an advertisement copy with a so-called Intelligent writing BOT and gave up after struggling for some time. Can Robots beat humans when we speak about sentiments & articulation?

In my case, the balance is more toward humans than artificial intelligence. Do I sound old school?

I am not anti-tech; Artificial intelligence works more efficiently than humans where routine transactions drive the results. In the coming fifty years, artificial intelligence may make humans jobless. A statement or a fact? Let us find the truth.

In competition, we need to work hard to show how and where we are better than robots to stay relevant in our jobs. This goes for everyone in the hierarchy.

Technology is getting sold when it helps us in business in three aspects: efficiency, saving money & time. With the hype on Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Automation, and Self-service buzzing around, I assure you there are some differentiating advantages humans will hold that technology can never snatch. Today I thought of sharing a few aspects that help the talent hunt and engagement industry.

Seven areas where Robots fail to beat Humans: