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Seven areas where Robots fail to beat Humans

Intriguing seven areas where robots will struggle eternally to match human Intelligence.

I tried writing an advertisement copy with a so-called Intelligent writing BOT and gave up after struggling for some time. Can Robots beat humans when we speak about sentiments & articulation?

In my case, the balance is more toward humans than artificial intelligence. Do I sound old school?

I am not anti-tech; Artificial intelligence works more efficiently than humans where routine transactions drive the results. In the coming fifty years, artificial intelligence may make humans jobless. A statement or a fact? Let us find the truth.

In competition, we need to work hard to show how and where we are better than robots to stay relevant in our jobs. This goes for everyone in the hierarchy.

Technology is getting sold when it helps us in business in three aspects: efficiency, saving money & time. With the hype on Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Automation, and Self-service buzzing around, I assure you there are some differentiating advantages humans will hold that technology can never snatch. Today I thought of sharing a few aspects that help the talent hunt and engagement industry.

Seven areas where Robots fail to beat Humans:

Robot fails to map sentiments

1.Robot fails to map sentiments. It is all about reading between the lines when you converse; unfortunately, robots get busy disseminating the keywords and limit them to the literal meaning of sentences.

When we converse often, an expression speaks a volume that Robots will never be able to track.

Humans do have the upper hand in mapping sentiments.

React, considering the feelings of the other person

2.React, considering the feelings of the other person. You must have gotten frustrated while responding to a bank chatbot to change your address or to increase your credit card limit.

Today millions of enterprises settle for terrible IVR experiences, keeping their customers at bay - never realizing how many customers they may lose overnight just because of these tutored robots.

Someday the BOTS will get smarter to understand the level of frustration else humans will always be the demand for escalations.

Deal with empathy

3.Deal with empathy. I have successfully implemented employee help desk chat BOT in the companies I worked.

90% of cases remained unsatisfactory and seldom contributed to my employee retention efforts.

While doing an RCA, I could find most of the problems that employees cite could be better answered with empathy and not addressed with structured sentences & keywords.

Presently we deal with Conversational AI, and I advocate companies implementing such trainable BOTS, that I sell.

Still, technology needs more time to train BOTs to understand & respond with empathy till them Human Helpdesks are the needs of the hour.

Understand & be good at comedy

4.Understand & be good at comedy. I heard a very recent story from one of my friends.

She returned an Item bought from a famous fashion app before Diwali but waited for a long to get her money back.

She decided to chat, and the BOT kept answering to wait as it would get processed soon.

In her utter frustration, she wrote “will it come before next year's Diwali?” The BOT responds, "Yes, It will," I am sure a human would have understood the pun intended and turned the sentiment into a more upbeat one.

Comedy is often a cure for a stressful situation that BOTs might never get trained.

Building trust in conversation

5.Building trust in conversation. Any conversation rests on the element of Trust. We feel more assured when we speak to a human as we see the reactions and sense the element of Trust immediately.

A robot lacks a moral compass; they have no space for feeling and miss the element of Trust.

The work where Trust is crucial for decision-making, humans will rock for time to come.

Be a thinker & creative like great minds

6.Be a thinker & creative like great minds. Even in my wildest dreams, I could not think a robot could deliver a Ted Talk! Imagine if BOTs take our rights to write a high drama for an award-winning movie or a top seller Netflix Original series such as "Chelsea" or "Glow."

The human brain is unique and has the power of visualization. Even when I am writing for you, there is a sequence of events, thoughts & emotions rushing down my mind and directing my thoughts to express those in a manner.

In a nutshell, the need for creativity, where imagination is a core ingredient, will always rest with humans.

7.Never be a judge in resolving conflict. Imagine a BOT making a judgment in the courtroom to resolve a conflict.

Human actions are very complex, even we react differently in similar situations. This mainly happens when the cocktail of experience, learning, belief, and our delicate sense of judgment work together to form a decision.

These are never based on just the information or data. It has finer elements that our brains can process, and Robots cannot. It would be best if you were wiser to use the faculties that you are born with; you are blessed to be a human.

Often, we surrender in the competition by blaming our fate and realizing in time that we also need to sharpen our skills like BOTs to become more intelligent.

We will continue to flourish if we focus on jobs, skills, and competence that will always remain in demand. Businesses may rush to adopt technology to be efficient or optimize cost, but they do understand the value a human asset can create; the only thing is the Trust you build on your deliveries that BOTs can never accomplish.

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