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The tiger in you - Your unfettered desire

All of us nurture desires, we express some of it, rest hide behind the mist of our mind. Nascent desires in most cases get stuck between the possibility and distant dream. Our practical mind put hurdles to those desires to make crossover difficult. Can I do this? Am I short of this? How do I take the first step? Etc. These questions jostle our mind and hold us to act forward. Desires are goodies embedded in our mind which may exist lifetime. Dreams are more temporary; mind matures a dream into Desire. I mean you start to Dream before you get more engrossed to the idea and transform it to Desire. All dreams do not get converted, some remains unaddressed and forgotten with time and with change in priorities. Therefore, it is essential to shape the desire and set path to mature it.

Our desires should not align with your immediate priorities. These comes from a space where you see yourself in an elevated pedestal, higher plane, being there gives you fulfilment and joy. It is essential to nurture desires. You need to give it a form, you should be able to see it with your eyes shut and open. You must garner a deep craving to achieve those desires, that helps build your conviction. if the hell falls apart, you will reach there. Put efforts to imagine how would you feel when you accomplish your desire. How others will react to see you there. The sense of happiness and contentment should engulf you. Remember one must put wings to your desires when it takes shape, unbound, unfettered, observe it flying high. Let your financial state, your upbringing, your education, your agony does not inflict your desire. In fact, all these realities never help nurturing your deep intent.

Let’s understand this literally, say you intend to be a General Manager from your present position of a manager. Considering there are levels in between which one needs to climb before you reach there. Your desire is clear and it has taken shape, you have started imagining yourself at that position and happy to have “I am in-charge” sort of feeling. Now comes the next step, how to reach there. The first step towards maturing your desire is to put you in right mind frame. All of us love ourselves but our inner mind where most of the secrets are held reflects negativity, it weakens our spirit. Example you know, your English writing ability is not that good, you fall short of words when you write a long email or a report. Although no one commented about your fluency in English. It is just you who feel embarrassed and limit your mind with not being adept in writing English. Hope you resonate with me.

Let me emphasize a little more. I have interest in exploring financial market and picked up a book of hundred pages which had a real catchy headline. I was crest fallen while reading the first page, it was full of grammatical errors and awful sentence construction. The book is sold in Amazon and like me there are many who bought. I continued to finish reading as I found the content is interesting. Kudos to the courage of the man who took his step to write a book and host it in public sphere. I am sure his desire to be an author dominated his shortcomings. He will certainly improve from his next title. Let me be upfront that I had lot of inhibitions when I desired to be a blogger. Mostly the feeling of embarrassment that haunted me that if I am criticized. There are many authors as I mentioned in example who helped me gather the courage and confidence that “I can write”.

Reimage yourself if you desire to achieve a higher goal. You need to adopt, acquire, master certain skills from scratch, does not matter at what age, level, profession you are. As you grow in your career, your ability to influence will become more critical. Your mind should start orienting towards those finer skills when you reimage you holding that position. Beside this example, desires may free flow with direction your mind gives to mature it.

You should believe the inner instinct and strong urge to reach a goal. I may elaborate in my next article how goals take step once desires find a venue. You know, all of us have a tiger inside us. It is caged in our mind. We can only unleash the tiger. Your unfettered desire and determination can only reveal the roaring tiger in you.

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